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re: Juggernaut/Guardian Tanking

Ok, This is going to be based on the builds I have experimented with, if anyone has additional feedback on other builds, feel free to add it in as this will be an ongoing work in progress, like all guides truthfully are.

Tanking in TOR is about like tanking in so many other MMOs to some degree, however, there are some fundamental differences.

Your primary control mechanism of mobs and hard targets is a mechanic called Threat. Threat is basically a multiplier that increases the Threat Value of the damage you do compared to other attacks. Where a Sniper/GS or Sentinel/Marauder or even DPS Jugg/Guardian do 1 Threat per point of Damage, Tanks get between 2 and 2.5 Threat points while in Tank Stance.

Now, a fully geared Tank with defensive metrics where they should be, will not be a big damage generator in 31 pt tank build. The results show that Shadow/Assassin Tanks can do about 900 DPS, Vanguard/Powertech Tanks can do about 800-850, and Juggernaut/Guardian Tanks can pull about 700.

Juggernaut/Guardian Tanks have poor threat in their primary build, and even with "High Threat" abilities such as backhand/hilt strike and Crushing Blow...which generate 2.5 Threat, we still cannot really compete for aggro as well as other tanks.

Because of this, I have found 2 builds that really seem to help alleviate part of this problem.


This build does some interesting things, it goes far enough into Veng/Vig to get either Unstoppable, or the bleeds on force scream, depending on your preference, and it goes into Rage/Focus to get the 20% Damage buff to Smash, which generates 2.3 Threat after single saber mastery in Vengeance/Vigilance.

Smash can be effectively used to keep AoE Threat generation up and help you maintain aggro.

In the Immortal/Defense tree, it goes up to get the 4% Internal/Elemental DR talent and skips the last 2.

This is a 27/12/2 build.

Next is 18/23 Hybrid, this build actually gets you more force scream with more sonic barriers, and picks up impale to get you the maximum damage output you can get, plus your Smash becomes free and you trade 4% shield and 4% internal for a flat 4% DR across the board. Plus your Force Scream inflicts DoT bleed damage, which increases your damage, albeit a minor passive boost, but every little bit helps.

It seems to be an extremely useful spec, and I am thinking that this will end up being the primary tank spec I use based on Threat generation and aggro control.

This is my 18/23 build.

Defensive Metrics:

You should be aiming for:
28-30% Defense Chance
50-55% Shield Chance
50-55% Absorption
92-95% Accuracy
23-26K HP

After that, ideally we would like to have 20-25% Crit Chance and 70+% surge, however, at this time that is not feasible. But once we get to the point that we have the offense to go with the mitigation, we will be able to effectively generate more Threat.

Threat is ultimately based on keep your Damage up and your DPS will die far less.


A good opener for a Juggernaut Hybrid Tank is as follows:

Saber Throw->Leap->Force Scream->Smash->Sundering Assault->Impale->Ravage

With Smash buffed and Ravage buffed you should generate good threat to AoE and single targets. You want to build up alot of Rage to burn in your heavy rotation phases, where Impale and Force Scream come up.

You want to maintain sunder stacks as well as possible as this will also keep your DPS doing more damage and increase your own damage.

I find, sometimes, leaping in and then using Force Scream on an opposite mob, helps to establish threat.

For defensive phases, you need to prioritize Force Scream for the Sonic Barrier that reduces incoming damage. In offensive phases where you need threat, you can prioritize impale more...but fueling both will require lots of micro management of your rotation.


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