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re: Standard Raid Times

Standard raid times until further notice:

Friday and Saturday nights about 9pm CST we will begin forming up.

Raids could go republic or imperial side, that will all depend on who is on and what the group is feeling that night. Best way to be sure you know what's going on, would be to hop on the teamspeak server and enter the SWTOR channel. You can listen in that way regardless of which side the raid is going to occur on.

Any fresh level 50 toons, please remember to get your free tionese gear, and PVP recruit gear. The PVP relics will be FAR better than anything you could get until you get to campaign/dread guard relics or better PVP relics.

We will help you gear to columi/rakata/bh in raids from a fresh 50, but you need to remember the tionese gear, it will be significantly better than your normal 50 gear.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we will help you with your gearing and itemization. Also, lots of your guildmates can craft more powerful enhancements and things that will help you to get better gear...ask them to craft for mats, I am sure they will help you.

Also, anything anyone can craft above and beyond the normal 50 gear...please update your crafting capabilities in the crafting thread.


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