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re: Vengeance Juggernaut Build/Guide

I am currently running 4/31/6 Vengeance build.

Here is the build for my Juggernaut.

Vengeance is an interesting spec.

Offensively, you want to maximize Ravage(masterstrike for Guardians), via procs from impale(overhead slash) and shatter(Guardian Slash). Force scream is free after a force leap, which is really useful in keeping up rage. Smash is something you use seldom, but it's free damage that generates 1 rage.

Damage wise, you want your abilities ranked like this from most to least:
(1) Ravage (Masterstrike)
(2) Bleeds from Impale/Shatter/Force Scream (Burns OHS/GS/BR)
(3) Force Scream (Blade Rush)
(4) Impale (OHS)
(5) Shatter (GS)
(6) Smash/Sundering Assault (Force Sweep/Sundering Assault)

To keep Rage generation up, you want the 4 piece PVE set bonus that gives you 0 range saber throw, and use it often. Use smash when your other abilites are on cooldown, and Enrage on cooldown can be necessary for protracted fights. Impale and Shatter cost a lot of rage, so you want to be sure to have rage built up before applying your bleeds. Be sure not to cut the DoT short from shatter as it is a 9 second DoT.

For Maximum damage, you want to open with the following:

Saber Throw->Force Charge->Ravage->Impale->Force Scream->Shatter->Sundering Assault->Smash

When you use Impale, your Savagery talent gives Force Scream(Blade Rush) and Vicious Throw(Dispatch) a 60% higher crit chance, making your crit chance around 90-95%. So, you want to use force scream and vicious throw after impale any time you can. In the middle of that chain, if you proc Ravage coming back (you can potentially use it every 9 seconds) Then you immediately use Ravage at that point and put the rest of your opener on hold for Ravage.

Defensively, you gain several advantages, a flat 4% DR across the board is nice from deafening defense. You also gain unstoppable, which is extremely handy against mez heavy bosses, as it grants you 4 seconds of mez immunity after force charge/leap. This is also a great PVP talent...

To itemize stats, you want to hit these numbers:
100% Accuracy
30-35% Crit
75% Surge

Stack Strength massively on everything you can, as with your 6% buff to total strength, you get more bang for your buck especially now, as each point of strength effectively adds as much damage as power AND gives you linear crit rating.

Vengeance Juggernaut is alot of fun, and the spec gives you lots of utility. If you have any questions, post them or find me in game.


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