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About Republic Paragons (Sons of Midgard GW2)
Republic Paragons/Paragons of the Empire (Sons of Midgard GW2) is a group of mature, active gamers with lots of MMO experience.  Most of us came from City of Heroes after it closed; SWTOR is primarily our new home, and we are looking for competent, mature, fun loving gamers who are active.  We have a teamspeak 3 server, and are dedicated to our group of players to make sure our gaming experience is the best possible.  We are a positive, fun loving environment, and there are usually at least a few of us on any night of the week.  If this sounds like something you're interested in, apply for membership, or contact us in game or through teamspeak.  Zutharan or Hagimond can usually be reached Republic Side, and Gyrok or Peregrin-noir can usually be reached Imperial Side.  Any former CoH player is always a welcome addition to our Guild, and any friends you have are welcome too.
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